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NOTE: If you like stress, you’re prepared to wait a long time to sell your Tenerife property, and you just love a minefield of legalities and paperwork, you can skip this section.
If not, read on… you’re going to need an agent.

Why you need an agent

...but not just any agent

Selling a property on your own isn’t easy. The right agent can reach so many more potential buyers, get rid of the stress involved along the way, and make a much quicker sale.
To minimise the time it takes to sell your property at the best price, this is what you’re going to need…

An agent with the widest reach

Unlike most other Tenerife estate agents, we have an active and dedicated marketing department to maximise the exposure of your property, utilising both online and offline channels including newsletters, magazines and social media.

An agent with the best credentials

As well as being part of the Baobab Suites Tenerife Group, Second Home Tenerife also have the seal of approval from the prestigious Tenerife South Real Estate Association , ensuring a strict code of ethics.

You and Second Home Tenerife

When it comes to selling property in Tenerife stress-free, fast, and with all the legalities taken care of, we guarantee you won’t find a better match than Second Home Tenerife.

Ad your property for sale or for rent

Do you wish to sell your property, plot of land, business or commercial premises in Tenerife?

The sale or purchase of any property is more than only making a deal set at a certain price. The permanent juridic modifications, the necessary documents, the fluctuations in prices of the current market confirm the necessity to get assistance from an estate agent.

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