Some useful advice from our colleague Sharon van Mensel on how to decorate your new home

Although in Tenerife a lot of apartments and villas are sold fully furnished you might find yourself in the situation where your property is unfurnished or you want to decorate it in your own style. In that case, you will have a choice to make between transporting furniture from your country to Tenerife or look for furniture on the island. In the first case, you can read our article on World Wide Moving ( with tips on import and export of goods to Tenerife. If you chose to buy your furniture in Tenerife, then keep on reading.

The advantages of decorating your second home with the help of local shops:

  • It might be cheaper to buy your furniture in Tenerife, VAT on furniture are only 6,5%, here it is called IGIC
  • In case you buy furniture that is in stock, then the delivery very fast
  • You have the option to hire a decorator who can visit your property before placing an order
  • If there is something broken or missing, the customer service is close
  • There is a large selection of shops for indoor and outdoor furniture from which you can chose

Where to buy? A lot of shops are located in the north but, little by little, more shops are opening in the south. The two hubs in the south are Adeje and Las Chafiras. My recommendation is to choose a shop according to your style and budget. The following list will help you to make a selection of shops before you set off shopping.

DESIGNERS SHOPS, these shops offer the most exclusive brands like Zanussi, Vitra, Gandía Blasco etc… and also have an in-house interior architect to help you chose and they have a team of technicians for the installation of the furniture.

BEST PRICE QUALITY, the following shops offer help during the buying process, you can buy from the exposition or from catalogue, and their prices include transport and installation of the pieces you buy.

BUDGET SHOPS, these shops are ideal if you have more time to invest and you will be compensated by lower prices.

Now you are ready to go shopping! Before you leave, we would like to give you some tips.

In case you have an apartment in a complex, you might want to check with the community of owners, some have restrictions about terrace furniture.

Think of taking a plan with the measurements of your rooms before you buy a sofa or a bed, make sure they fit.

And, last but not least: take into account that you should inform about the delivery times because if the product of your choice is not in stock, it might take 6 to 12 weeks for your furniture to arrive. It is also very recommendable to organize the delivery with your agent or a person of your trust, to who you can give a key to your property, in case you are not in Tenerife when the furniture is delivered.