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Poligono Industrial Granadilla

Commercial premises, Granadilla

Ref. NPL24 Price: € 850,000

Industrial hall with top location and modern equipment in Granadilla

Industrial hall in the commercial area of Granadilla

The property covers an area of 916.25 m² and is located in an established industrial area. The hall was built in 2006 and therefore offers modern structures and up-to-date facilities.

Height: The maximum height up to the roof ridge is an impressive 11 m. This generous room height allows flexible use and offers a variety of possibilities for different business areas.

Elevator and chain hoist: The industrial hall has a 2x2 m elevator with an impressive load capacity of 1,000 kg. In addition, there is a rail with an electric chain hoist that allows a load of 750 kg and a lift of 40 m/l. These facilities enable the transport of goods and materials within the hall and contribute to efficient operation.

Electrical system: A three-phase 50 kW electrical system with various subpanels is installed in the hall. This modern and powerful electrical system provides sufficient capacity for various electrical equipment and machinery required in industrial processes.

Fire protection: The industrial hall is equipped with a water pit for firefighters with a capacity of 20 m³. In addition, the hall has an effective fire extinguishing system with fire extinguishers and 3 hoses. This ensures a high standard of safety and enables the potential risks in the event of a fire to be effectively managed.

Effective floor area: The total built-up and usable area of the industrial hall is 1,394.70 m². The floor area is divided as follows: the ground floor comprises 890.90 m², the mezzanine floor extends over 394.24 m² and the attic floor offers an area of 109.56 m². These generous proportions provide optimal space use and sufficient room for different work areas.

Office and shared rooms: The industrial hall has a large office and a shared area. These rooms provide employees with a comfortable workspace and promote a productive work environment. A well-equipped kitchen and four restrooms are also available and provide the necessary comfort.

Location: The industrial hall is characterized by its excellent location directly on the motorway. This provides excellent access to the road network and facilitates the transport of goods and materials. The central location is another advantage for companies that rely on optimal accessibility.
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Property details

Price € 850,000
Construction year2006
m² Total (int.+ter.+plot) 1394 m²
Guest toilet 1
Kitchen 1
Office 1

Property features

  • Electriciteit
  • Lift
  • Sprinkler system
  • Stadswater

Your contact person

Niemeier Yvonne

Yvonne Niemeier

0034 683 553 396

calle Roques de Salmor 1

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